Drafted To Deceive

Cold War Espionage Brewed in Bavaria


Cold War-era West Germany heats up when counterfeit Deutsche Marks appear throughout northern Bavaria. Christina Hayword, newly recruited as a U.S. Army Special Services recreation director, accepts the ultimatum to join the undercover Military Intelligence team searching for the currency’s origin—or lose her coveted civilian job in Germany.

Christina assumes the dual roles for patriotic as well as personal reasons. She hopes relocation to Europe will help heal her heartbreak from a broken engagement, though complications arise when her ex-fiancé appears in uniform at a nearby installation.

Emotional entanglements also evolve when two of her covert team members vie for her romantic attention, complicating her personal and professional relationships.

Remnants of Nazi operations figure into Christina’s ultimate identification of the counterfeit ringleaders. During a harrowing climax, she meets the Soviet-motivated menace face-to-face, then struggles to save not only her life, but also the entire mission’s objective.


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